Use Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning To Optimize Amazon Ads And Your Business

Reduce ACoS And Boost Your Sales!

Amazon PPC Wizard 2.0

a unique robot that will replace an Amazon PPC advertising agency. It will take care of your advertising - from launch and configuration, to daily optimization. In just 60 seconds you can set up and run your ads with PPC.Wizard.

"PPCBoost" Ranking System

it will track Organic Keyword Ranking - and if the keyword reaches top 5 (customizable) - it will disable or reduce advertising. As soon as the position of the keyword goes down, it will launch the advertisement again.

A huge set of statistics

Sales, advertising costs, effective and inefficient keywords and search terms, comparison with organic sales, and many others.

Measure And Increase
Your Profits

18 %

Lower ACoS

Our clients get lower ACoS

43 %

Sales Growth

Average Sales going up

64 %

Profit Growth

More profits

22 %

Conversion Growth

Better conversion

PPC.Tools Platform

The software was developed about 3 years ago by Amazon sellers and by the best engineers and developers. Using machine learning and data science, provides its users with tools to optimize their PPC campaigns, reduce ACoS, and earn profits.

Dmitry Karataev
CEO of PPC.Tools

Risk free
Our guarantee:

If you’re unhappy with your services, your investment is safe with PPC.Tools. Our goal is to provide true value to fellow Amazon sellers. If you’re unhappy with your services, we will be happy to refund your last month with us without delay.

We sell tea on Amazon, and though our sales were going well, we were unhappy with two things – we had high ACOS and it took too much time to manage advertising. Therefore, we turned to Management Services. As a result, our sales increased by 87% while ACOS decreased by 18%. We are happy!


Kean Jacobson

My goal was to optimize advertising on Amazon, and I had two choices: to hire a specialist or contact Management Services. I contacted and the results were not long in coming. Within a month, my ACOS decreased to 19%, and sales doubled. Keep it up!


Theodor Ritter

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