Machine learning algorithm to reduce ACoS and boost your sales!


Introducing Amazon PPC Wizard 2.0

a unique robot that will replace an Amazon PPC advertising agency. It will take care of your advertising - from launch and configuration, to daily optimization. In just 60 seconds you can set up and run your ads with PPC.Wizard.


"PPCBoost" Ranking System

it will track Organic Keyword Ranking - and if the keyword reaches top 5 (customizable)

- it will disable or reduce advertising. As soon as the position of the keyword goes down,

it will launch the advertisement again.

A huge set of statistics

Sales, advertising costs, effective and inefficient keywords and search terms,
comparison with organic sales, and many others.

True ACoS: Comparison
of Amazon Sponsored PPC

More than 20 reports and filters on the status of advertising campaigns, tracking
ineffective keywords on one page for all campaigns, pausing and adding to
negatives in one click. All without logging in to Seller Central!

- Enable and disable advertising on a schedule. For example, switching it off at
night. Control advertising costs for each SKU separately.

A graph of the connection between Keyword Ranking and PPC Ad Spend for each keyword.

History of Bids and ACoS: All your bids history is saved. Graphs for convenient viewing of history.

Find duplicate keywords in one click.

Autopilot Semi-Automation Mode: Make important decisions based on your own preferences. For example, allow bids to go.

Expansion of successful keywords to other Match Types.

Scheduled advertising. Did you know that advertising is less effective at night? Turn off nighttime ads using the


Specify the desired target ACoS, with the corresponding settings. The system aligns your ACoS to the specified level.

All data on your keywords and search terms in one page.

Keyword Ranking

What clients are saying

Feras Almusa, Amazon Seller

If you are searching for Amazon Seller software that can help you evaluate your entire sponsored ads data in a more visible approach with few clicks of a button, is the excellent choice as it handles the optimization process on your behalf. is the best solution you should acquire if making money is your aim as leads you to a goldmine.

Denis, #ProjectAmazon

As an enthusiastic user of for more than nine months, I have been able to utilize funds spent on each campaign in a judicious manner and by spending an average of one or two hours on a weekly basis, my campaigns are doing pretty well. It is crucial to get the if you want to save time.

Sergey Fedosieiev, Amazon Seller

I have experienced a significant difference in the past six months that I have been using most especially based on the European scenery. We have a vibrant presence in five different markets, and I am not a fluent speaker of these five languages. With the assistance of, the process of pulling out words based on the numbers and sticking them into campaigns has been more accessible and straightforward.



$ 39,95 /mo

  • Basic Plan
  • 1-5 SKU's
  • Optimize Campaigns in Minutes
  • PPC Tools
  • Auto Bidding


$ 79,95 /mo

  • Professional Plan
  • 1-19 SKU's
  • Optimize Campaigns in Minutes
  • PPC Tools
  • Auto Bidding


$ 149,95 /mo

  • Unlimited Plan
  • Unlimited SKU's
  • Optimize Campaigns in Minutes
  • PPC Tools
  • Auto Bidding

Management services & optimization

Audit Your Current PPC Campaigns We will review, optimize, and expand upon your existing PPC campaigns to ensure that we keep only the best of what is already in place, eliminating preexisting wasteful ad spend.

Listing Optimization We will review your listing and back end data and make recommendations to improve your conversions.

Campaign Optimization Ongoing optimization is the key to lower ACoS and higher ROI. We’ll optimize your bids and budgets to ensure you’re spending every ad dollar wisely, and perform ongoing search term optimization to locate and remove unprofitable terms.

Keyword Research & Expansion We’ll use a variety of resources to determine the hottest keywords for your products, along with competitor analysis, reverse ASIN searches, and more.

Search Term Expansion We will research the profitable search terms buried deep within your campaigns to discover which search terms are connecting with your prospects. We’ll then convert them into keywords and begin bidding on them

1 SKU: $199/month
2-5 SKUs: $499/month
6-21: $999/mo
22-51: $1499/mo
52 and up: E-mail for special pricing.


What marketplaces are supported?

US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, India.

Can I control multiple Seller accounts under one account?

Yes. You can control any number of Seller Central accounts under one login

Do you offer PPC Management Services?

Yes. Contact us for more info and pricing.

How often is data updated?

Data is updated once a day.

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