Success in advertising on Amazon consists of 4 simple steps:


  • Finding Keywords

  • Testing Keywords

  • Removing bad keywords and finding the ‘golden’ ones

  • Weekly support

We’ll now look at these steps in more detail, and see just how much can reduce your advertising budget and increase your sales.





STEP 1. Finding keywords.


FAQ: What is the difference between a KEYWORD and a SEARCH TERM?

With a Keyword you define yourself, and your search term - this is what the user types in the search field on Amazon. For example, the user has typed in the search for ‘best mattress protector’ - it will be a search term.

You specified in the campaign keyword ‘mattress protector’.  ​​​​ In this case, your ad will be shown to the user, so your keyword has the entry into ‘best mattress protector’.



Search Term: What is the difference between BROAD, PHRASE and EXACT match types?

As we have seen in the above example, a Search Term does not necessarily have to fully match the Keyword to the customer to find your product. Consider the following:

​​ BROAD -

Examples: wide entry, word order can be mixed, for example:

The term: ‘mattress best protector ever’. ​​ The Search will show ads on ‘mattress protector’.


The keyword can also be an arbitrary set of words, but our keywords should be set in strict order and without breakdown. The example above will not work for PHRASE match. Therefore, we need to modify it to: ​​ ‘best mattress protector ever’. ​​ This allows you to more accurately define Search Terms, but brings less traffic, and it is more expensive.


It is an exact match, with strict compliance to both Search Term and Keyword. In our example, it should be a ‘mattress protector’ and nothing else. This generates maximum traffic, and it has a higher conversion when compared to other options.


Finding keywords: ​​ this is the most important task. For a successful campaign, you must first choose your keywords, and then, by using algorithms, we will increase the ROI of campaigns created.


There are 4 main ways of finding the original Keywords:

  • Investigation of competitors - REVERSE ASIN on KeywordInspector.

    a) To do this, locate the 5-10 competitors' products with the lowest SALES RANK (BSR) – these are usually the first items that appear in the listing on the search. Do not study products that are indicated to be sponsored listings – these are advertisements.

Information about the BSR is at the bottom in the product description. Remember the ASIN of these goods.