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How can I toggle between multiple seller accounts within

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If you already have multiple accounts under the same user login, you’ll see the accounts by clicking on the account ID or display name in the upper right of the application:

If you sell in multiple Amazon marketplaces under different accounts (e.g., the US, CA, UK, FR, IT, ES, DE, AE, JP, and AU ) and you want to see all those accounts under a single login in but don’t currently have them connected, here’s how:

You need to have one email address that has access to all accounts. This is the email address you will use to sign up and login to

One way to get this email address if you don’t already have one master email address across your accounts is to create one (for example, and grant that user access to manage Amazon PPC for both your North American and EU accounts. 

To grant access, go to Seller Central > Settings > User Permissions and invite the new user. Then edit the user’s permissions as needed as long as they include Sponsored Products permissions.


Finally, use this user to register for Logging in with this new user, you will see both accounts in your account drop down menu.


Here are our recommended permissions for this user:

If you want to give an employee or assistant access to your account that you’ve already upgraded and just need an additional user log-in, let us know via email:

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