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PPC Wizard is a fully automated robot which will create Amazon advertising campaigns for you and manage it, continuously improve your ACoS until it reaches Target ACoS level.

  1. You add PPC Wizard to your products which you want to start advertising. Or (if you already run ads) PPC Wizard will analyze your previous campaigns and extract your best performing targets and searchterms, also pausing all previous ads.
  2. Robot will collect targets using your previous Ad reports or using suggested by Amazon ones.
  3. It will create 6 campaigns: Discovery (Auto) , Suggested (Product attribute), Suggested (Keywords), Research (Product attribute), Research (Keywords). Each campaign will be managed continuously by PPC Wizard robot.
  4. Robot will check each campaign daily – it will find new best performing targets and searchterms, move them to Research or Suggested campaigns in different match types and test them there. Also for poor performing targets it will decrease bids or add searchterms to negatives.
  5. If target has a sale – robot will measure its ACoS, compares it with a target ACoS level and calculates the correct bid value and sets it.
  6. There are more than 10 different parameters which robot checks daily to improve your ads and ACoS.

You can choose from three types of strategy – Aggressive (High Adspend – short timeframe), Balanced (Moderate AdSpend and timeframe), Low Start (low adspend and long timeframe).

As PPC Wizard will test a lot of targets – during that period your adspend and ACoS will be high. During the first months ACoS level could reach even 100-150%. Why? Because robot needs to find only best performing targets for your future campaigns, but it has to test a lot of targets, some of them are ineffective. But after testing period your ACoS will be adjusted to Target ACoS level, ineffective keywords will be eliminated and your ACoS will be in the green zone.

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