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PPC tools will find your most profitable keywords and search terms in minutes.

PPC Tools will find your non-profitable keywords, also create a list of Negative words.

Main features:

Keyword Tools:

1. Find New Keywords: by using this feature, you’ll be able to input sizable keyword lists to see if any of them are currently being used in your campaigns. When you choose the SKUs you wish to analyze, the keywords that haven’t been used in your campaigns before will show up. (Works with Merchant Words, Keyword Inspector, or similar programs; results can be retrieved on a ‘per-word’ basis.)

2. Find Duplicate Keywords: you can use this feature to analyze a SKU, then locate all the relevant campaigns that might contain the same keywords in them, or that are in several campaigns.

3. Match Type Expansion: this is a practical approach to viewing what’s not included across the various match types (Phrase, Broad, or Exact) and allows you to expand to several match types.

At this point, as per your selection, you’ll see a list of keywords to use for your campaign, some of which could be profitable.
You can post these into Amazon’s exact and new phrase campaigns.

SearchTerm Tools:

Search Term Tools let you find the exact customer search terms that are producing more profits per click for your company. Using this strategy, you can convert customer search terms into new PPC campaign keywords.

Once this is done, our system will comb through each one of your campaigns to determine if the search term was used before and provide you with the ones that have yet to be used.

PPC tools lets you see how you’re fairing with keywords for a specific SKU. With this approach, you can create connections to establish which keywords and SKUs collaborate well with one another.

Our system allows you to isolate your non-profitable keywords so you can stop using or pause them. By doing so, you:

• Won’t have to spend any time going through individual term reports.


• Won’t have to spend money on words that aren’t useful to you.

SKU Module:

Using our SKU Module, you can take guessing out of your PPC campaigns with the following easy functions:

Keyword Tracking provides you with a way to monitor how much profit your product is producing for a specific keyword over a set duration.


• You can monitor your most successful keywords with this feature.

• Our Backend words generator feature lets you use your most used and profitable search terms and add them to your backend keywords, listed by popularity.

If the keyword is currently a part of your list it won’t be added. Many popular keywords fill up the initial field until the 1000-word maximum is reached before moving onto the following field. This is as easy as it gets.

This lone feature will save you time each month, as the effort you’d ordinarily put into such research has been eliminated.

In addition to not being knowledgeable about what campaigns are profitable, a vast amount of sellers on Amazon aren’t sure of how to monitor their profits over time per SKU.

Campaign Module:


Using our Campaign module, after a seller updates the profit margins, they can isolate the campaigns that are producing revenue and the ones producing a loss.

With PPC tools, you can monitor your profits each month per SKU.

You’ll learn:

• If you have decreasing or rising profit margins.

• If a campaign’s impressions are decreasing or rising.

• What your profits are, in comparison to your expenses.

Our visuals will provide you with such details in a reader-friendly format so you can immediately see the status of every campaign over a set duration. Being mindful of how all your campaigns are performing over time will give you a leg up over the competition.

Your competition is trying to determine if they’re losing or making money on their campaigns. While they’re spending precious time doing that, you’ll be optimizing your campaigns with strong data tracked by PPC tools. With our software, all guesswork is removed from running a campaign.

More profits per click – the net result.

In addition to learning which campaigns are profitable and tracking your data over time, it’s also important that you understand what keywords are profitable so you can monitor the performance of your keywords over a set duration.

• Establish which keywords are and aren’t profitable with the Keywords Tracking module.

You can monitor the success of profitable keywords within your campaign across a set duration. For keywords that aren’t profitable, think about putting them on hold. Be mindful that more recent campaigns may not immediately produce defined results. Be patient prior to pausing a non-profitable keyword.

Our Search Terms Tracking feature is beneficial to sellers as they acquire more marketplace exposure. The objective of this module is to establish search term(s) that aid the user in reducing PPC expenses, since they will be obtaining stronger results from organic searches.

With regards to Find Negative Words, you can see the specific search terms that produced clicks yet didn’t yield any sales.
The ad expense sorts exact negative exact search terms. As such, you’ll discover specific customer search terms that you are paying the most for. You can then add them as exact negative keywords in your campaign.

We’re also excited about another feature related to Ad Groups.

With PPC tools, you can contrast various Ad Groups with all your campaigns.

For instance:

• In Ad Group 1 – use a Broad Match to test the same keywords.

• In Ad Group 2 – use a Phrase Match to test keywords.

• In Ad Group 3 – use an Exact Match to test keywords.

PPC tools lets you determine which match types and campaigns are the most profitable ones.

You’ll no longer have to waste time sorting through copious amounts of data.

It’s never been easier to begin…

We guide you through each step so you’ll effectively use PPC tools to:

Lower your PPC campaign expenses (pause the keywords that are too expensive).

Raise your organic search presence (isolate strong keywords that will produce an avalanche of customers looking for your products through organic searches).

Bypass time (our software provides you with the data you require to optimize your PPC campaigns instantaneously).

Leverage the details produced by our Optimization Tools to create NEW products.

Your Strongest Competitive Advantage Begins Here…

• Learn precisely how your campaigns are doing (while your competition can only guess).

• Within minutes you can have an optimized PPC campaign.

• Be a leader in your field with a bevy of simple-to-use tools at your disposal.

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